CS500 Sporter Skeleton Air Rifle Stock (L-handed shown)

CS500 Sporter Skeleton Air Rifle Stock (L-handed shown)


This is our Skeleton Sporter designed air rifle stock, made from our standard grade American Walnut wood with an oil finish.  Because of its subtle design features, this air rifle stock can be deceptive in its appearance from photographs. The design is complicated and incorporates a roll over Monte-Carlo cheek piece where the reverse side has been removed giving an offset design. This in turn gives an excellent full palm swell and trigger position. The cheek piece is high and slightly concave giving a comfortable surface for the face. The forend is long extended and to cover the breach block where possible. Our stocks are laser checkered to forend and pistol grip & include a ventilated recoil pad. You can view the product variations here.  Please see our general information page before placing your order.

What air rifle is the stock being made for? * 

Please add the make of the rifle that the stock is being made for. (please see the list below for compatible types) If your rifle make is not listed, please contact us via the contact page.

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Please check the compatible list of Air Rifles shown below before ordering. If your Air Rifle is not listed, please contact us on 01142 472947 or E-Mail us via the website contact page. When ordering, please note in the ‘ORDER NOTES’ which air rifle that the stock is being made for. We design stocks to fit most models, for other models, please phone/contact us.

AIR ARMS TX200/ Pro Sport/ Pro Elite/ S400/S410/S500/S510
WEIHRAUCH HW80/77/97/98/85/90/95/99/100
THEOBEN Rapid/Evolution/Eliminator/S.Type/MFR
BSA Super 10
Please note: All Pictures are for illustration purposes only. The actual air rifle stock appearance may vary, depending upon the action fitted and the cut of Walnut wood used.


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